Maximum impressions in one journey through Altai

We hold one and only tour through Altai - #Adventuro.

It is a package solution, a hybrid tour for those who want to get the maximum of impressions from the area without losing comfort.

In any season, with any level of physical skills.
#Авантюро. Приключение с максимально полными впечатления от Алтая
#Adventuro. The maximum of impressions in one journey through Altai
60 000 — 200 000 rub/person
7 days and 7 nights. The best tour for the first time comers. It is available all year round, with any level of physical skills, with any minimal number of participants (even if there's only one).

Tours feedback

Yevgeny Dyachkov
Это наше второе посещение Алтая, но если Белокуриха это дверь,максимум прихожая Алтая, то путешествие с Эквесто это главный зал экспозиции. После него...
Chernovalova Natali
My husband and I were on the tour in June. It was our dream – to see Altai! We'd like to thank the team of Equesto for making that dream come true. We...

Our blog

Сегодня расскажу как мы "защищаемся" от случайных людей на туре (и зачем это вообще нужно), почему не только нам нужно подготовиться к вашему приезду, но и вам.
В предыдущих постах писал про идеи и принципы. Но, судя по всему, не очень понятно как  применить их на практике. Вот и расскажу.

What we do now

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Mailing for the first time comers to Altai

9 - Edited (2).pngIf you are going to visit Altai, you probably started with searching for the information in the internet: how, what, where, how much, what are the routes, reservation, sightseeings and tours. That's a huge work and it is time consuming.

Our mailing is a set of several letters full of concentrated and structured information, links to well-tried sights and sources and the answers to some questions.