Entry Point. Set of articles for the first time comers to Altai

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This section is not a full Altai travel guide but it is rather extract for you to understand what it is all about here and to prapare you for the journey. There are 16 chapters down below - start with any of them.

Chapter 1. Why Altai and what's its zest?


At the Teletskoye Lake

Altai is stunning. The imressions that you get here are hard to get anywhere else. Advantages of Altai are the natural sequel of its flaws and the other way round. I will give some theses. Believe it or not is up to you.

Chapter 2. Best time of the year to go to Altai


Heat of July at the Kara-Turek Pass

Each season in Altai has its pluses and flaws. It is not a kind of 'beach vacation' but rather - travelling and adventure. So the weather is not so relevant - you may travel anytime you like. Still, there is a big difference in seasons.

Chapter 3. Best solutions how to get to Altai


Infrastructure for public transport in Altai is pretty weak but there are some alternative means of transportation

Some of the most important questions: How? Why so expensive? What for?

Chapter 4. Taking off our rose-colored glasses: antidote against 'all-is-good' ads


Infrastructure in Altai may spoil the view a bit, but not so often)

This chapter is a kind of disclaimer taking off the rose-colored glasses. Let's look at the situation with realistic eyes.

Ads represent Altai as a paradise place. They may tell a lot about pluses and keep silence about the minuses of that area. Let's see into expectation/reality issues and our experience. Let's go.

Chapter 5. Activity in Altai


May is warm enough, mountains are snowed enough. Same picture in summer)

Before we go to details concerning hotels, transfer, hikes with tents, journeys with children, renting a car and so on, let's see what Altai prepared exactly for you.

Chapter 6. Touristic bases, hotels and campings of Altai


Chuysky trakt near to Tashanta village

Let's talk about an important element of any journey  — accommodation.

Chapter 7. Hiking with tents


Mutton barbeque during rafting tour down the Katun river

Equesto had been providing hike tours for 8 years till 2017. Nowadays such tours occur from time to time.  We will tell you about the features of hikes with tents.

Chapter 8. The ancient Altai and history


Instead of a horse journey

Altai is ancient. Really! Just imagine - mammoths had been still alive while altaian nomads were trying to domesticate dogs.

Chapter 9. Important questions got answered


The first and the hardest ascent of the Katu-Yaryk Pass

This chapter contains answers to the important questions. We made it for you to feel safe and sure.

Chapter 10. Prices in Altai


Chemal HPP. Winter Altai seems uncrowded

Prices for goods in Altai. As usual, something is cheap, something is expensive. In this chapter I'll give you some principles of cost forming with examples.

Chapter 11. Altaian tour selection guide


The southern shore of the Teletskoye Lake

This is a huge guide-chapter. These instructions will help you with picking up suitable way of travelling in Altai. It might be not so necessary right now,  but in the future.

Chapter 12. Goods of Altai. Don't let them delude you


Maral blossom in May (Siberian Rhododendron)

Let's try to go deeper to the sphere of Altaic products. We will tell you of the local production, souvenirs, honey and balsams. What should you take from Altai with you, exept for great photos and impressions. How should you deliver it to your home whole and safe.

Chapter 13. What do people say after visiting Altai?


Camels in the Chuya Steppe

This chapter is special. We collected tourists' opinions of Altai, sorting them out by categories. Live emotions, stories about difficulties and some pieces of advice. True experience from those who have already been to Altai.

Chapter 14. The examples of self-organized travels in Altai


The Blue Lakes in late October

Let's analyze self-organized and individual travelling in Altai: planned or in case the tour is cancelled. With examples.

Chapter 15. Organizing a tour


An installation at the amazing mountain camping

Speaking of the tourism and recreation, I think, I should tell how tours in Altai are being made. About an inner, invisible side for tourists.

Chapter 16. Bike tours in Altai


e-bike, a girl and the road

Even if your previous bike ride was in your childhood it is not a problem nowadays. I'll tell about pluses and minuses, new trends and give you review of bike tours.


*usually this block contains editor's remark

I was born in the north, beyond the Polar circle. The night got started in autumn lasted till spring. To compensate the lack of sun light we used to be irradiated by UV. It made our bodies produce vitamin D and protected us from rickets. Dad might bring a bag of potatoes instead of gifts from duty journeys. We couldn't plant things because of eternal frost. So vegetables and fruits were valuable there. Our town was cut off from the rest of the land - we could only float away (in summer) or fly away. But people lived in wealth, friendship and got a longer holiday, up to 3 months.
Then the USSR got ruined and financing of our town got stopped. My parents sold their flat, got aboard and floated to the 'mainland'. While we were floating all the money that we had, depreciated so much that we couldn't buy any appartment. My parents are from Altai, so we came back here. And so, in 1992 I found myself in Altai. Since then I've been living mostly here.

Alexey Kiryanov,
Equesto CEO (FB)

Mailing for the first time comers to Altai

9 - Edited (2).pngIf you are going to visit Altai, you probably started with searching for the information in the internet: how, what, where, how much, what are the routes, reservation, sightseeings and tours. That's a huge work and it is time consuming.

Our mailing is a set of several letters full of concentrated and structured information, links to well-tried sights and sources and answers to questions.