Chapter 9. Important questions got answered


Here we collected answers to the questions which are important to talk about, but there are few of them to extract into a separate chapter.


Close to the border with Mongolia

The Altai Republic has borders with three countries - Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. There are border zones where citizens of Russia can get to without a permit (just passport). Foreigners have to get the permit in advance (1 month). In some areas, closest to the border, even citizens must have the permit (the Ukok, for example). As a foreigner, you need to get the permit even to Ust-Koksa or Belukha. Be attentive: there are no checkpoints, and you may accidentally get to the area where the permit is required.

Money and bank cards


Entrepreneur Tamara in kosh-Agach

It is better to go to Altai with cash. This is not America - having only card can make you starve. There are ATMs of Sberbank in some villages. Pay terminals are almost unavailable. ATMs of the other banks (VTB, Alfabank) are available only in Gorno-Altaysk. Nearly everything in Altai trades for cash. Mobile banking is quite popular.

Mobile connection and Internet


Mobile connection at this tourist base works only on the hill (Internet is not available)

Mobile connection is available not everywhere, even on Chuysky trakt.
There are several mobile operators: MTS, Beeline and Megafon. Tele2 and Yota work only in the capital town.
The coverage of Megafon is much worse than Beeline and MTS.
3G is wide spread, 4G is pretty rare. In general, you can call almost anytime, connecting to the Internet might be a problem.

Local people and communication with them


Merry inhabitants of Tydtuyaryk

In general, local people are kind. Everyone speaks Russian. 
It is better not to contact with drunk people, especially if they ride a horse and hold a gun. Unpredictability and aggressiveness of a 'drunken Altaian' is a kind of horror story for tourists. Nothing bad actually happens - much noise, but still, not pleasant.

Don't even try to draw on the rocks or take any piece of archaeological sites. Don't bind the ribbons on the trees and don't perform rituals. Show respect to the local culture. There is a high of scandal on the local or higher level.

What else?


Travelling with children.


Altaian cuisine

Driving in Altai


You may ask me any question, here are my FBVKInstagram.
I can consult you, give names of some good organizers or guides. I can answer questions like 'Can I..?' or 'What is it really like there..?'. All in all, you may count on me, as on your friend in Altai, that might help you with a good word or a piece of advice.

I answer to everyone, but maybe not so fast.

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Mailing for the first time comers to Altai

9 - Edited (2).pngIf you are going to visit Altai, you probably started with searching for the information in the internet: how, what, where, how much, what are the routes, reservation, sightseeings and tours. That's a huge work and it is time consuming.

Our mailing is a set of several letters full of concentrated and structured information, links to well-tried sights and sources and answers to questions.